Noix ACL Tutorial by LoProphile

In this tutorial, you will get a hands on training on how to use the Noix Component will be using an example website to illustate the looks and operations of the component.

I am doing this website where I will be posting information for excercises also videos to two sets of students. One being Math Students, and second being Accounts Students. So what I want to achieve here is when a Math Student logs into the website, He will see a Maths Manu whereas when logged in as an Account Student, will see an Accounts Menu bar all positioned to the right of the website.

Firstly, go to and download the files with the name

I've went ahead and installed all the necessary files for this component. Now when I go to "Components", I can see "Access Control".

Now that we have successfully installed the component. Let us start setting up a foundation by creating menus for display. Go to "Menus" then "Menu Manager" as seen below where you will create two menus called Maths Menu and Accounts Menu.

Now that we have successfully installed the component. Let us start setting up a foundation by creating our sections and categories. Now go to "Content" then "Section Manager" as seen below.

Now go ahead and create two sections, One name Maths Menu and the second Accounts Menu, both with the access level being "Registered".

Lets go ahead and do the same thing under Category Manager by going to "Content" then "Category Manager". Doing the same by creating two categories, One for Math Students and the other for Accounts Students, both with the Access Level being Registered.

You can go ahead and create a few articles which you want displayed in the sections we created directing them to the proper section and category.

Lets get to the meat of things. We are going to create specific groups which we will assign to uers in a bit. Go to "Components > Access Control > Manage Groups". Select new to create a new group with Group Name being "Math Students" and Parent group being "Registered".

What we are doing here Assign Math Students to access the maths menu on the front end part by selecting Adapters > Menu > Front End. In the type drop menu select the menu you want Math Students to view by selecting it, Clicking the link in blue where for permission select access. Save when finished giving the menus permission.

We actually going to create users and assign them to specific Groups to be displayed once they are logged in. Go to "Components > Access Control > Manage Users". Click on new to create a user with the appropriate group for example "Math Students". Please go ahead and do the same for Accounts Students.

We are almost done with the backend aspect to get this stuff up and running. Go to Extentions > Module Manager. Look for the module called "menu noix" then click next to create the module.

Give title name "Maths Menu" and Access Level "Registered". Leave the Menu Assignment to All. Under Module Parameteres, for Menu Name, select "maths-menu" then click save. Follow the same process for creating the Accounts Menu Module.

We need to create a login Module inorder for users to login to the frontend of the website. So use the similar order to create a new module . Instead choose the "Login" module type instead of "Menu Noix" leaving the access level as public and calling the Title whatever you desire. In my case, I named it "Login to Class".

Now let us test the power of the NoixACL Component on the front end part of things. Login with one of the users you have created earlier. I created a math student called Heman which I will be using to login to the website.

When logged in, you will notice to the right of the page that there is a "Maths Menu" with the link "4 Math Students".

Now here you have it, VOILA, you are now able to assign different menus for different users in a particular group.